We are looking at various ways in which to achieve our Mission and are open to any proposals from like-minded parties.

MMF + Flinders University + the New Colombo Mobility Plan (POSTPONED)

MMF worked with Sophie C. Leterme, PhD, (Associate Professor in Biological Oceanography, Director of the Biofilm Research & Innovation Consortium (BRIC), Research Leader, Flinders Institute for NanoScale Science and Technology) for the attainment of an award from the New Colombo Mobility Project for her students to have a cultural exchange with Malaysia and perform biomarine research on the East Coast of Malaysia.

Project Name: Plastic Pollution & Green Turtle Hatching on the East Coast of Malaysia

Application closing date: 31st March 2020

Departure Date: ( approx.) 22nd July 2020. They will first spend 4 weeks in Kuala Lumpur for the cultural awareness at Rimbun Dahan and then proceed to The Kasturi and the Rimbun Dahan turtle hatchery

Student cohort funded: Honours students/3rd year students: 2 students in 2020, 5 students in 2021, 10 students in 2022

MMF hosted the team leaving for Malaysia in July on Saturday 23 February of an initial brief about culture and travel advice. The team led by Elise Tuuri (right) seem very dedicated.

We are very pleased to have been part of the process and look forward to data they will produce in the area. We wish them all the best in their endeavour!

Arts Residencies (POSTPONED)

The Mahmood Martin Delima Arts Residency

Named after Sorayya’s mother the late Dr Ruby Majeed who was a graduate of Adelaide University. She was an active student and alumnus and had very strong links with Australia. Delima in the Malay language means ruby/red gem. This was formed with her in mind as she not only had fond memories of her time in Australia but was also a strong proponent of the appreciation of culture and the hand made. She herself was skilled in embroidery, design, lacemaking, tapestry among other crafts.

Our first project will be to enable immersive Artistic residencies of Australians to Malaysia. Our prerequisites will be posted here shortly but will include both visual artists and writers at any stage in their career.

We will be working in partnership with likeminded Organisations to be announced.

We welcome any interested DGR1 party to contact us

Human Interaction: Discussions and Food-related Events

We are working with a prospective partner to formulate a series of talks and panel discussions in which the participation of the audience is as important as the invited speakers.

We welcome any interested DGR1 party to contact us



November 2022
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