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To promote intercultural exchange and understanding

An integrated and united Australian society in which our communities and future generations can reach their full potential equally and with mutual respect and dignity.


Official Patron:

His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC

Governor of South Australia


The idea for the Foundation came about from a need to create an entity with which I could give back to Australian society.  The seed was planted when I first set foot here in 2000 and it started to germinate when I was completing Art School in 2015.

People come to Australia for so many reasons, all of which are valid for them to have to leave their own home land to make Australia home.  With that comes hope.  Early Australia was one built with the intent of resettling Caucasian people from within the British Empire.  There was a colour code applied to this sorting of the peoples of the Empire.  With each wave of immigrants there has been an underlying disquiet which is then overcome, then it begins over again, regardless of the “positives” migrants bring into a society.  I am one who went through and am still living with it in the 21st Century.

Australia is built on and has grown from immigration and the mix is so varied that it can only make Australia a richer country.  Her potential as a country is great.  She is still a young country.  So much more needs to be done to promote true Integration as opposed to the Assimilation of the past.

Despite all the hurdles I have been able to bring up my family and put them through school with the hope of a more broadened productive life.  Through the years I have been able to create a small circle of likeminded friends who have been invaluable support.  Not everyone is so lucky.  Now the children have completed schooling and my own career is more stable I hear my late father’s voice telling me I need to give something back to this society.  This need came alive in 2015 with my Ideal Project at Art School and in 2018 I was guided by the right people to see beyond the one project and given the confidence to look further.  The Mahmood Martin Foundation was born.

The Mahmood Martin Foundation aims to break down barriers which we all put up when we are unsure of situations and in this case different people.  It aims to promote intercultural understanding by inviting the society at large to take part in conversations and by utilising Visual Arts and Culture as its vehicle.  We aim to look at how the different people of what is now Australia may understand each other better, learn about each other and thus build on the positives to create a better, more understanding and inviting society for our future generations.  It is with nurture that children grow.  It is no different with a Society.

If we can but play a small part in starting the conversations, we will have met our initial objective.  The rest is then up to the people who will have been touched by this effort in any way.

I end with a note of heartfelt thanks to my late parents, my husband and my children.

My father brought me up believing anything is possible and my mother ensured I developed strength to help me through Life and not to stray from ‘the straight path’. My husband has given me unconditional love with which to lead my life. My children have encouraged me in my endeavours despite it meaning time away from them, helped me appreciate life more and to want to try to make this a better world for them.

I owe this venture to them.

Dr Sharifah Sorayya Mahmood Martin

It was formed in 2018 and on 23rd October 2018 was recognized as a Registered Charity and received DGR2 status.

Board Members
Dr Geoffrey David Martin

Tanya M Young

Michael Constantine

Puteri Haneen Mahmood Martin

Dr Sharifah Sorayya Mahmood Martin (Founder)

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